Food Regulatory Services

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 Regulatory Services on Food, Health Supplement, Nutraceuticals, FSMP and FSDU.
 Product Compliance Assessments
 Product development support
 Labelling support
 Approval of Non-specified food and food ingredients
 Regulatory guidance etc.CROs are designed to reduce costs for companies developing new medicines and drugs. They aim to simplify entry into drug markets, and simplify development.

Regulatory Services

Regulatory Intelligence

  • Country
  • Category

Publishing and Submission

  • Global eCTD submission Publishing and submission services
  • Nees Submission
  • Category
  • Medical Device
  • Active substances master file Submission
  • Certificate of suitability Submission (CEP)


A full Portfolio of Capabilities to deliver Measurable Results for clients Regulatory affairs Market intelligence and filing strategies. Regulatory filings at USA/ EU/ Emerging Markets Emerging Market Tender activities and support to participate thru capable distributors & facilitators


  • Drugs
  • Cosmetics
  • Biological
  • Medical Device
  • Diagnostic Kit
  • Food Regulatory Service
  • CRO


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